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Bacon Bitz Design has been 10 years in the making...sort of

The Beginning

    Graduating from ITT-Tech with a degree in Visual Communications, I was determined to start something that intertwined my imagination with the new skills that I just obtained. I landed a job at a t-shirt printing company as their designer. I was really excited! From there I learned all sorts of skills needed to successfully create design and print files for all shirt printing needs. From color separations to color mixing. With every passing project that came across my desk, I became better than before. Faster, more on point! But as the years passed, I became nullified.

The Growth

The Middle

    As I grew there, I started to notice that there wasn't anything else I can do as far as learning. The progress that once drove me started to become a rerun and you can only watch the same episodes so many times before you become bored. I needed a change, something that will set a limitless boundary on what I can create and do, and so Bacon Bitz Design had formed.

Bacon Bitz Rough sketch.png

The Future

The Future

     Bacon Bitz Design is not just a design firm but a journey. Here to explore all sorts of possibilities from web design to 3D Animation and beyond. I hope you join me on this grand adventure! 

Thanks for stopping by and reading my story.

How about we make another one together!

-Derrick Barnum
-Owner of Bacon Bitz Design

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